bird-ocean2At the Boulder Biofeedback Center, LLC, you will receive individualized healthcare in an environment of mutual trust and respect. Health education focuses on self-care, self-awareness, self responsibility, and self-regulation.

Biofeedback training is not meant to be a long term therapy. Typically four to twelve sessions are recommended but this decision is ultimately up to you. As we work together, you will learn and practice various ways to change unhealthy physiologies and  incorporate them into daily life.

Some of the things you may learn with biofeedback are as follows:

  • Decrease your reaction to stress
  • See how your body reacts to your thoughts
  • Feel and then learn how to relax tight muscles
  • See and feel how your muscles react to different movements and postures
  • Improve health and well-being by learning how to improve heart rate variability
  • Warm cold hands


Relaxation activities are one component of biofeedback therapy. They help us connect with that part of the nervous system that provides calm, healing and restoration. This allows you to return to a state of internal balance. See “Stress Response” for additional information.

Over time, with consistent practice of deep relaxation/meditation you can find help with the following:

  • Improve sense of wellbeing
  • Increase energy, productivity, creativity, and concentration
  • Improve sleep and decrease fatigue
  • Decrease perception of pain
  • Help recover from adverse effects of stress
  • Decrease reaction to stress